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Sincere Service

Provide customer various brands of printers, copiers accessories. With our professional experiences and solid cooperation with Epson,Canon,Roland, Mimaki,Mutoh, Hp and other top brands of printing equipments service and support center, we have been serving users from more than 126 countries.

Low Price,High Quality

Low Price,High Quality

We are providing all the original parts for brand printers with manufacturer’s guarranty and warranty.We will faithfully describe various product features in the product information table.

Arrived Safe Guarantee

Arrived Safe Guarantee

We guaranty the safety for the on time delivery of your right order. All the goods are sent directly from our stock with strict standards in packing,goods inspection.

We cooperate with the professional and efficient transport companies to ensure that the goods are delivered safely and efficiently.We recommend the appropriate mode of transport to ensure that the goods are delivered in the fastest speed with most ecnomical cost.We provide direct return or change goods on our cost,if there is damage caused during the shipment.

EPSON P400 MAIN BOARD - 2170134
EPSON Pro GS6000 Take Up SW Board - 2122771
EPSON Pro 7890/9700/7900/ 9890/7700/9900 Contact Board/Terminals
EPSON R3000 Main Board - 2130056,2144321
EPSON Pro 7400/7450/7800/7880 /9400/9450/9800/9880 HOLDING SPRING,DUMPER-1305819
EPSON R1900/2880 Power Board- 2127105/2117127/2117125
EPSON Pro 7890/9890/ 7700/7900/9700 Sub-C Board - 2124764
EPSON StylusPro 4000 Service Manual
EPSON R220/R230/R340 Printer Head - F166000
EPSON Pro 3890/3880/P800 Power Supply Board - 2131665
EPSON SC-B6000/F6000/F6200 /T5000/T5200/T7000 /T7200/T7070 HARNESS (HEAD FFCs and CR FFC) - 2142134+2142136+2148220
EPSON 1390/1400 Holder CSIC, Cartridge Contacts Board - 1530570/1454340
EPSON DX7 Head Damper UV
EPSON SURECOLOR S80600/S80610/S80670 DUCT,CR ASSY.,CE45,ESL,ASP- 1691377
Canon iPF700_710_720 FAN, SUCTION (QL2-1054-030 , QL2-2464-000)
Canon iPF780 785 Service Manual online store

Our products cover all field of the AD and signage and all the products we supply are made in accordance with international quality standards as a result that, at present, we have more than 3,000 products online for sale. Since we implement the centralized purchasing, all the products are quoted with competitive prices. Besides, the product quality.

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